Ø        Company Strategy

Focusing on developing forestry & pulp resources, enforcing paper making industry and making efforts in constructing forest-pulp-paper integration enterprise group with international competitiveness through capital operation and system innovation.

Ø        Strategic Orientation

During the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China Paper will gradually improve market competence and profitability and rapidly grow up. It strives to become a leader in terms of scale economy, industry standards, development mode, circular economy and social responsibility.

Ø        Mode of Development:

Based on merger integration, China Paper with pulp as core and forestry and paper as basic starting points, exerts comparative advantage, extends backward, expands horizontally, and conducts large-scale operation and low-cost expansion.

As for the resource-oriented forest and pulp sectors, China Paper adopts the combination between newly building and acquisition in possession link. In circulation link, it establishes strategic alliance and controls channels via trading and equity participation.

As for papermaking industry, China paper seeks expansion mainly through merger and then newly building.

Ø        Structural Layout

China Paper gives priority to the development of resource-oriented industries like forestry and pulp and moderately expands papermaking scale.

China Paper focuses on paper varieties featuring high value-added, high technological content and high price.

Domestic layout focuses on coastal and riverside areas; oversea layout concentrates in South America, Southeast Asia, Russia and other countries and regions.

Ø        Development Path

On the premise of consolidating and developing the existing papermaking business, China Paper regards pulp, forest land, forest products and seedling cultivation as its future strategic businesses and will energetically develop comprehensive forestry development as its new business in the future, forming an integrated industry chain.

Ø        Strategic Vision

With the supports from national policies and auxiliary capital, China Paper strives to own an annual papermaking capacity over 5 million tons and an annual pulp-making capacity over 5 million tons and control over 10 million mu of forest lands both at home and abroad at the end of the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan, with assets, income and profit all to new levels.

China Paper strives to become a world-class company in terms of forest-pulp-paper integration in ten years.

Through unremitting efforts, China Paper will develop into a resource controller from a pure manufacturing enterprise, improving discourse power in the industry and leading the future of paper industry.

Ø        Implementation Guarantee

Building strategy-control headquarters; strengthening management and improving internal competence; building centralized operation management system; promoting R&D and technological innovation; implementing strategy strengthening enterprise via talents; and cultivating unified brand system.

Move forwards in spite of ups and downs in future days;

Shoulder heavy responsibilities while making everlasting progress.


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