Wholly owned by China Chengtong, China Paper Corporation (China Paper) is the sole state-owned large-sized enterprise engaged in production, development and utilization concerning forest pulp paper among central enterprises. Its products involves pulp, cultural printing paper, coated white paper, special paper and so on, totally several dozens of varieties and toping the domestic paper making industry by both quality and output. China paper runs three listed companies, namely Foshan Huaxin Packaging Co., Ltd. (200986), Guangdong Guanhao High-Tech Co., Ltd. (600433) and Yueyang Paper Co., Ltd. (600963).

China Paper faithfully fulfills the state’s strategic mission, actively advances forest-pulp-paper integration, and transfers from only seeking paper-making capacity expansion horizontally to vertical extension through controlling upstream resources on industry chain. It constantly develops domestic and international forestry and pulp resources, accelerates resource recycle technology R&D and industrialization demonstration, speeds up the improvement of resource comprehensive utilization level and quickens the waste paper recycling system based on advanced technologies, achieving sound economic and social benefits.

China Paper is committed to becoming an internationalized paper group leading in the market. While constantly improving industry chain, the company voluntarily undertakes social responsibilities, practices environmental protection and provides better products and service.



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